Welcome to LadyBird Organic Farm!

About Us:

Green Oasis Resources consists of thoughtful range of affiliates which hold strong commitment with the basis of health care, environment protection, and proficient recycling. Apart from conducting sustainable agriculture and environmental care based researches, we also promote the organic cultures among the people through essential knowledge enhancement, as we know that being healthy is the greatest fortune in which everyone had been seeking for. Therefore, it is our company’s role to achieve it into our society and its future generations, towards fervor in organic lifestyle through the protection of Mother Nature, and to be able to lead health into every home!


Our company is also a new natural agricultural company which unifies the respective merits of “traditional farming wisdom” and “modern agriculture technology”. We establishes our very own organic farm, appearing as the finest organic vegetables demonstration garden, in order for consumer visits and heartily understands the availability sources; a corner of opportunity for the customer to get hold of our fresh and chemical-free organic vegetables instantly on the spot; it is also a "one-stop" servicing foothold for organic vegetables confluence and the natural agricultural system technology products.


Why Organic?

Nature's operations and human health is closely related; where air, water, soil, and other environmental qualities will influence the growth of crops, thereby affecting human food nutrition. Keeping chemicals off our plates, preserving natural green environment, protecting future generations and there are even more than a hundred reasons for consuming organic produces. Our organic farm provides specially designed organic farming system, available for you and your family, to discover the organic cultivation lifestyle, availability of reliable organic food sources, and getting much more of what you deserve for!

We are passionate and dedicated into enhancing healthy living lifestyles for everyone, and be gratitude of what Mother Nature has given to us.