Welcome to LadyBird Organic Farm!

Frequently Asked Questions    


Q1> What is organic vegetables?  

A1> Organic vegetables are cultivated with no usage of pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.

Q2> Is the vegetables grown in your farm 100% organic?

A2> YES!

Q3> How is it cultivated? 

A3> Organic vegetables cultivation requires the caring of natural water, soil, and organic fertilizers.

Q4> Is there any specific system/structure required for organic cultivation?

A4> We use specially designed greenhouse, whereby its technology is originated from Taiwan, together with conventional water irrigation system, which would provide the utmost result of crops growth.

Q5> Can I visit your organic farm?

A5> YES! Bring your family and friends along as well, all are welcomed.

Q6> How is the process of home delivery packages?

A6> For a single payment, you could get our freshly grown organic vegetables delivered to your home on a weekly basis, for four times which is equivalent to one month's period.

Q7> How many types or quantity of vegetables do I get every week?

A7> There would be approximately 7 types of vegetables that would weight around 3 1/2 kg.

Q8> Do I get to choose the vegetables that I desired?

A8> Yes, you could but ultimately its limited to the harvesting period of certain vegetables, in this case we would select the next best types of organic vegetables for you which is freshly harvested.


Q9> Can I organize a group visit or activities to your farm?

A9> YES!

Q10> Is there any meals provided at your farm?

A10> We have range from fresh organic vegetables juices to simple dishes.

Q11> How do I join the membership?

A11> For a minimum amount of products that you purchased at our farm, you will be eligible to become our exclusive membership, or simply take on our home delivery packages, you will be entitled for our membership automatically.

Q12> What are the benefit do I get by becoming one of your membership?

A12> Members will enjoy a 10% discount when they purchase products at our farm, and they would be notified on our latest news and promotions occasionally!





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